Ending statelessness is possible, but we cannot do it without the people affected by it. The absence of stateless people in the debates and decision-making processes is not due to a lack of willingness to speak out and be involved. We work closely with communities and stateless changemakers and this campaign was co-designed by them.

Lok Maya’s Story: Stateless Bhutanese Refugees in Denmark

Lok Maya is part of the resettled Bhutanese community in Denmark

Lynn – “Life as a stateless refugee”

Lynn Khatib is one of the stateless changemakers living in Sweden.

Ahmed – “I certainly don’t know”

Ahmed is one of the stateless changemakers working with ENS to improve protection for stateless refugees.

Born stateless

Families and lawyers share the impacts of child statelessness in Europe.

Sirazul – #StatelessJourneys

Sirazul urges Europe to take action on statelessness.

Ram – #StatelessJourneys

Ram explains what the fight to end statelessness means to his community.

Ahmed – #StatelessJourneys

Ahmed on why Europe needs to take action on statelessness.

Lynn – #StatelessJourneys

Lynn's perspective on the need for action on statelessness.

Pavel – #StatelessJourneys

Pavel explains why Europe should take action on Statelessness.

Omar Othman – #YearOfSolutions

#YearOfSolutions: Omar Othman stresses the need for lived experience in advocating for change

Salka – #StatelessJourneys

Salka explains the need for action on statelessness in Europe.