The #StatelessJourneys knowledge hub hosts information and tools about how statelessness affects people’s journeys, including country of origin information, information about relevant stakeholders, case studies outlining the main issues, country briefings, webinars, information leaflets, and more. The hub will be updated with new tools and publications as they are produced

Country position papers

Country Position Papers (CPPs) provide information on the profiles of stateless individuals and persons who may be at risk of statelessness due to nationality or civil documentation problems.


Our research shows that stateless refugees are more likely to experience discrimination and face additional problems on their journeys because states do not identify or take their nationality problems into account.


Country briefings

Country briefings provide information based on initial findings from research in Greece, Serbia and the Netherlands and make recommendations for action to address challenges at national and regional levels.


Listen to the #StatelessJourneys podcasts, which document the journeys made by Nirjevan, Ibrahim and Ayman seeking protection in Europe. They are stateless Syrians – those who fled from a country they never officially belonged to.


Here you can access the #StatelessJourneys webinar series  and watch past webinar videos with experts talking about different subjects.


Initiative led by:

European Network on Statelessness

The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) is a civil society alliance of over 170 non-governmental organisations, academics and individual experts in 41 countries, committed to addressing statelessness in Europe. ENS believes that everyone has the right to a nationality and that those who lack nationality altogether – stateless persons – are entitled to full protection of their human rights.