About the initiative

In 2017, with the support of Open Society Foundations, the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) together set out to examine the relationship between statelessness and forced migration in Europe, to build links with refugees affected by statelessness, and to find out what key stakeholders involved in the refugee response in Europe were doing to address the issue.

Since its inception, initially as a project, the aim of the #StatelessJourneys initiative has been to generate an evidence base and tools for advocacy, capacity-building, awareness-raising and community engagement, to protect the rights of stateless refugees and prevent new cases of statelessness arising in the migration context in Europe. A further aim has been to foster new work and collaborations on this topic.

During 2017-2019, activities contributing to the initiative were also undertaken by both ENS and ISI funded by the Media and Democracy Foundation and the Sigrid Rausing Trust. As of June 2020, the initiative is being led by ENS through allocation of funding from its key donors, including the Oak Foundation, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, and Comic Relief. The #StatelessJourneys initiative benefits from the expertise and contributions of several ENS members and other expert partners and collaborators delivering research, engagement, capacity-building and other activities.

Photo: Refugee Reception Centre in Tabanovce; UN Women 

Initiative led by:

European Network on Statelessness

The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) is a civil society alliance of over 170 non-governmental organisations, academics and individual experts in 41 countries, committed to addressing statelessness in Europe. ENS believes that everyone has the right to a nationality and that those who lack nationality altogether – stateless persons – are entitled to full protection of their human rights.